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All You Need to Know

Caring for your fine Linen Garment

Wearing your linen garment should be fabulous and easy!

Attention to the care of your fabrics will make them feel great and last for years. We have put together some tips to help you care for your fine linen garments. Of course, always follow the manufacturer’s directions on the tag.


Most linen is prewashed and dried. Because the fabrics are natural fibers, they will not shrink. However, they may change over time. Linen textures will tighten when washed and dried then stretch slightly when worn. For the first few washings, you may notice an increase of lint in the lint trap. This will decrease after a few washings.

Fabric Descriptions:

Gauze is a more delicate than some of the other linens. By its nature, gauze can pull and snag. These are not defects in the fabric. Also, gauze is sheer and may need to be layered.  It is intended to fit crinkled and loosely.  


Handkerchief weight linen is very lightweight. This fabric may not hold up as well in areas of high friction (underarms, back of legs and between thighs.)

When machine washing, we recommend placing your garment into a laundry bag. Wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. The action of the washing machine can pull seems of your gauze or handkerchief linen items, so we recommend the delicate cycle.


Crinkled linen and cotton garments are designed to be worn with wrinkles!!  Machine wash and dry on the gentle cycles. Then, the fun part, knot up the garment to retain the wrinkles. Ironing or steaming may alter the size of your garment. Enjoy the wrinkles, they feel great.

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