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These customer favorite necklaces are hand made in Dallas.  The tassel is made from recycled silk saris.  Each one is unique.  If you have any questions or would like more pictures, please reach out to us at  

The length measured from the top of the necklace to the bottom of the tassel is 25" (50" around).  

*champagne: cream mix                                                       

*black: solid black beads with true black ribbon

*Navy: blue gray beads with dark blue purplish ribbons

*Creamy pink: cream and pink mix

*Brown: medium brown ribbon

*curry: dark gold ribbon

*acid pear: mix of kiwi green and dark green

*Ocean: turquoise beads with turquoise and blue mix ribbon

*turquoise: true bright turquoise

*Mermaid: faux pearl strand with blue, kiwi green,emerald green, and turuqoise ribbon

*cayenne: Reddish orange

*seafoam: bright light blue green color

*hot pink: faux pearl strand with hot pink and light pink ribbon

*light pink: clear beads with light pink mix ribbon

*tea stain: cream beads with a tea stained peach ribbon



$45.00 Regular Price
$33.75Sale Price
  • These customer favorite necklaces feature a beaded strand  with two larged colored connecting beads and a large tassel made from recycled silk saris.  Each one is unique.  Please read the description section for more information length and colors. Note: the Mermaid and Hot Pink color have a faux pearl strand rather than a beaded strand. 

    Like  #0090  ~Made in Texas~



  • Please email us at  with any inquiries or call 979.249.5757.Thank you.

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